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💰 Crypro

MakerDao’s new multi collateral contracts had a serious bug: MakerDao is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) which is an organization that is completely governed and managed using smart contracts on the blockchain. It’s a really cool idea but there are also some real risks if you get the contracts wrong. In this case there was a bug in their soon to be released contracts that would allow an attacker to steal underlying assets.

📊 Data

YouTubes biggest lie what if society had certain non productive biases, say a bias against homosexuality. Now what if these biases were learned by computers and reinforced them. This sounds terrifying but it’s what’s currently happening. The video is a good explainer. Make sure the kids are asleep though because this one has a run time of +40 minutes.


Apple adds personal automation to the iPhone: If you know me I’m a big fan of delegating some types of work so that I can focus on the things that are more impactful. Ray Dalio calls this “leverage” and if you watch any uber-successful person delegating is how they operate. The trouble is that delegating is out of reach for most people because the costs are too high. Automation can reduce this cost dramatically, but right now for someone to automate an aspect of their job they need to be able to program. This project by Apple is interesting since it removes the programming barrier and simplifies automation so anyone can start to apply Dalio’s leverage to their own life.

🔈What to listen to

Mind Space & Motion: I very much enjoyed this episode of the Sam Harris podcast where he talks with Barbara Tversky. Barbra is an expert in how space and motion underlie our thinking. It’s something I hadn’t considered before and very interesting.

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